Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Camera Bag

I love the Billingham Camera bags. Not just because they are of an excellent quality but also because they look the part. They look like the gentleman-Indiana-Jones camera bag. The sort of thing you might find on Skull Island.

A DLSR needs to be carried and until recently I hadn't found a bag that I, as a very amateurish photographer, could justify purchasing for the convenience of carrying my camera body and a couple of lenses.

Then, on a recent trip to H&M I noticed some of the women's bags were somewhat masculine in look. On closer inspection I noted, rather loudly, 'They look like Billingham bags!' I bought a small one for £9.99.

The straps aren't leather, but they are sturdy enough and look fine. The canvas is not padded so I shall have to be careful with the camera inside but I'm unlikely to be swinging this thing near a cliff-face.

It won't last forever, but it's certainly worth a tenner.

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