Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Double Alterations

Some people write to me and ask me why I do not write the same kind of articles that I write for Mensflair on my own blog.

The answer? I do not wish to repeat myself. I have complete creative control on the articles on Mensflair and I send them to the editor there rather than post them here because the readership is greater on Mensflair. I had always hoped I was clear on this but it seems that I have been a little shoddy in the matter of self-promotion.

For those that were unaware that I am capable of writing more than a mere list of the items I am wearing, please visit my column 'Ruffs, Cuffs and Farthingales.' If lengthy articles about style issues are not your tasse de thé, then stick around here for more of my 'Outfit' posts.

Above is a photo of me wearing my altered double-breasted jacket (bought from eBay, tailored by Graham Browne and buttons from Liberty's added by me). An article on this is coming soon on Mensflair.

Black double breasted jacket - 'Business Solutions' (oh yes) with alterations by Graham Browne, buttons from Liberty of London

Trousers - (part of a suit) Zara

Shoes - Grenson

Tie - Hackett

Shirt - Hawes & Curtis

Pocket square - Hackett

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Barima said...

Nicely jaunty take on the stroller, W. I'm glad to see that the alterations worked out well and look forward to seeing it in person sometime