Sunday, 25 October 2009

New Jacket

I bought this jacket in the TopMan sale. It was a very tight fit, but they didn't have the next size up. I moved the buttons further in to compensate. It's an interesting and rather fun little blazer.

Blazer - TopMan

Trousers - Zara

Shoes - Church's

Shirt - TM Lewin

Scarf - Zara


Andreas said...

Well, that`s really thight, but looking nice...



Antonio said...

May I ask your advice on something? I intend to wear a navy pinstripe suit to an informal party this weekend. But I cannot think of what shoes would be good to wear with it. Would black tassel loafers be too casual? Or perhaps some semi-brogues?

Many thanks in advance.

WinstonC said...


It depends on the length and cut of the trousers. As it is an informal party, there is nothing wrong with wearing loafers. The key thing, in my opinion, to concern yourself with is; 'are my trousers too long/wide for loafers?'

Slightly shorter and slimmer trousers are the best style for loafers. If the trousers are wider and have a generous fold onto the shoe, I'd wear a less formal lace-up or perhaps, if you have them, a pair of monkstraps.


Anonymous said...

What would - at an informal lunch - be a good tie to wear to a red and white candystriped shirt, red braces, a navyblue jacket, jeans and suede driving shoes? Or would the tie be a no-go?

Best regards

Anonymous said...

I think this is a very cool playboyish look! But isn't the jacket at least 10 cm to short?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to bother you with such a question, but i'am planning to buy a coat from topman online and your misadventure is startling.
Should I size up [even though their chart suggest I should size down - their S is for 38/40 chest and that's hudge!].

WinstonC said...

I don't think a tie is absolutely necessary particularly at am informal lunch. However, if you were to go for one I'd advise a navy tie with red polka dots.

In relation to the Topman issue I would try and go by their chest size recommendations. Mine is a "34 but was way too small so it might be wise to size up.

10cm too short? Not really. It's more of a trend jacket not something of classic proportions.

Anonymous said...

It looks awful. You look at it and can tell that it was a desperate buy at a sale of some sort because you liked the idea of the jacket. How can you breathe?