Sunday, 1 November 2009


For Halloween, I dressed as the Phantom of the Opera. Apart from the mask and the cape, everything else was a mish-mash of wardrobe items. The faux-fur collar on the cape was sewn on. It was detached from a bomber jacket lurking in the dusty depths of my wardrobe.

Shoes - Church's

Trousers - Zara

Tailcoat - Vintage

Silk waistcoat - Made (not for this occasion) by my mother

Tailcoat - Vintage

Shirt - Zara

Scarf tied as cravat - Austin Reed

Hat - Marks & Spencer

Mask - eBay

Cape - eBay


Gefundenes Fressen said...

An all through outstanding halloween costume. Hats off!


Barima said...

Well played; I'm pleased that it all came together. No one was visited by the Candyman this year, by the by