Wednesday, 4 November 2009

What a load of Poppy-Coat!

It occurred to me this morning, as I was preparing myself for the day, that I had not revealed the successful alterations performed on a forgotten item of mine; a covert coat from Cordings. I was bought it as a present by my generous parents to keep me warm when at university. I wore it but came to realise through my maturation into vanity that the shoulders were too wide, it was too long and, overall, a couple of sizes too big. Graham Browne snipped it in all the required places and it looks far better now.

Also in this post, note the remembrance poppy in my lapel. This was bought from the Royal British Legion (one of the double silk poppies) and, due to the original holder snapping off, was made using a conventional paper-poppy stem. A colleague smirked; "Trust you to have a bloody bespoke poppy!"

Shoes - Dune

Trousers - Zara

Cord jacket - Zara

Cardigan - Zara

Tie - Altea

Tie clip - eBay

Shirt - TM Lewin

Poppy - Royal British Legion (donation made)

Cotton pocket square - Tie Rack

(Top pictures)

Overcoat - Cordings


Stuart said...

Hi Winston,

Coat looks very nice. Can I ask how much it cost you to have Graham Browne alter it. That and also the DB jacket.

I have a similar item that could do with a few snips, but was just trying to work out whether the procedure would be economical.



WinstonC said...
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WinstonC said...


Graham Browne charged £110 for both. The DB came to about £65 in the end and it was about £45 for the overcoat.



Anonymous said...

I hope you don't, I wrote this for you:

If you accompanied on piano, well, that would be a dream come true.