Saturday, 12 December 2009

New Suit

Wearing my new Baron of Piccadilly Prince of Wales check double-breasted suit with alterations made by Graham Browne.

Additional items:

Shoes - Dune

Shirt - TM Lewin

Tie - Tie Rack

Pocket square - Tie Rack


Anonymous said...

Prince of Wales is such an elegant fabric! However, if I may point out, that jacket would befit you much better if it were slightly snugger all around and particularly around the waist. Yet, I may be wrong, considering all I have to asess is a picture´s view.
My compliments on your blog; I very much enjoy browsing on a daily basis.
Alessandro from Argentina.

WinstonC said...


I agree on your comments. Unfortunately, that is all Graham Browne could do to the jacket. Before their adjustments it was horribly boxy and shapeless. The tailors coaxed some style and finish out of it, for which I am grateful. If they had tried to take it in more, it would have played havoc with the rest of the garment - fabric would have been pulled etc. I am pleased with it, no doubt but it does illustrate that some items are better bought made-to-measure.

Thankyou for your compliments on my blog.


Wills said...

I think this suit is very elegant. May I ask what wristwatch do you wear? and which would be your preferred choice?

WinstonC said...

I wear a Cartier Tank Francaise in stainless steel.

Anonymous said...

Congrats .. You look absolutely elegant!
Best regards,,

John said...

You look very nice in this photo. Cheers.

Aaron Brown said...

Fantastic suit!