Sunday, 10 January 2010

New Tweed

I purchased a less-than-half-price tweed jacket from Ede & Ravenscroft in the sale. It might need some slight adjustment - a little taking in and perhaps a little shortening - but I am very pleased with it. It's three-button but I have pressed it so it is a 'three-roll-to-two.'

Shoes - Church's

Cords - Zara

Tweed jacket - Ede & Ravenscroft

Brown V neck jumper - Zara

Brown knit tie - Zara

Blue shirt - TM Lewin

Hat - H&M

Pocket square - Tie Rack

Belt - Zara


Antonio said...

I was told that Cordings was the place to go for the real deal tweed. Is that so?

WinstonC said...

Cordings is one of the best places to go for tweed. As they made, and still make, excellent waterproof clothing fit for country pursuits, tweed was a natural partner. They have been selling tweed off-the-rack for years and years. It's a traditional cut of jacket - tweed jackets should really be three button, preferably three-rolls-to-two - and at the moment I think many of them are reduced.

The other tweed stalwart, who have been making suits since the 1850s, is Huntsman on Savile Row. They've been producing a house tweed, which changes every year, for over 80 years. They are considerably more expensive than Cordings.

Jake said...

Very nice. I've been admiring the E&R ones for a while.
Out of interest, though, how well does pressing it to 3 roll 2 work? I had always suspected that true 3 button jackets were generally canvassed and stiched in such a way that they could never really roll to 2? I'd be interested to know if this can actually be achieved, as I may do it to my own tweed jacket.

Antonio said...

Thanks Winston - I shall make use of the Cordings sale now!

Tony Maro said...

Ever thought of a little Windex on that mirror? ;-)

Love the jacket.