Monday, 15 February 2010

Q: How far is it from Savile Row to Bond Street? A: Not very far...

If you wish to walk from Savile Row to Bond Street, it won't take you very long. A brisk walker could get there in under a minute. It always surprises tourists that London's tailoring street, home to stalwart tailors of the classic English suit, is so close to the emporiums of high fashion.

For a humble Row cutter, who may have wandered wide-eyed past the glittering doorways of Chanel and Dior and stepped aside for a fur-clad mademoiselle to enter her clotted-cream Rolls Royce, it might have been rather intimidating. For one cutter, it was quite the opposite.

McQueen, who began as a cutter on the Row and ended up owning a boutique on Bond, brought real craft to the world of 'designer clothing' which had for a while been rather too pleased with itself; you can see in the details of his work, the line of his coats and the construction of his fabulous couture dresses that he understood form - like a true Savilian tailor.

I have no doubt he'll be greatly missed by family, close friends and admirers. His work will be missed by everyone.

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