Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I like wearing buttonholes now and then, particularly small carnations.

Waistcoat - H&M

Cord jacket - Zara

Tie - Zara

Shirt - GAP

Pocket square - Austin Reed

Buttonhole - supermarket flowers

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Anonymous said...

Good day Winston!

I find this colour composition out of the ordinary and rather refreshing and indeed complementary to those of us who are fair-skinned. I have experienced that blue, in all its shades and hues, flatters the pale complexion when framing the neck and face. I was left wondering about the colour and type of trousers -and shoes- you chose to go with the rest of the outfit.

I noticed the loose-tie. The first impression is positive in that it balances a very coordinated outfit by introducing some nonchalance. And then, the usual afterthoughts: Is a loose tie a valid element of nonchalance or is it too commonplace, studied and thus ineffectual? Does it bring about the desired effect or does it look downright lazy? And then, what is it with the very often mentioned, sought after, integral concept of "nonchalance"? Why would a person want to send out the message that he or she couldn't care much about the way they look when in fact they do, and to a very great extent? Does this happen only to us men?

Please excuse my verbosity. I believe to have been thinking out loud.