Sunday, 28 March 2010


Shoes - TopMan

Trousers - TopMan

Cardigan (buttons changed) - TopMan

Tweed jacket - Ede & Ravenscroft

Shirt - TM Lewin

Tie - River Island

Pocket square - Tailor in Lisbon


Anonymous said...

Good day Winston!

Thank you so much for addressing some former questions of mine.

I'm aware it is already spring in the northern hemisphere and thus white trousers are most fitting and undeniably flattering.
In Italy, however, they are galore even in the fall and winter as I'm quite certain you have already noticed. When regarding this issue and its appropriateness people typically invoke some sartorial rule. Yet, as I do not care much for rules in sartorial matters, or for that matter what is customary, I would much appreciate your take on white trousers in the colder seasons. Would you say white is just "wrong" because it typically conveys the impression and sense of coolness when, quite on the contrary, it is warmth and cozyness that people long for?

Forgive me, I may have rambled here. Having read your columns at Mensflair on the issue of colour in the spring and summer I thought you might want to help shed some light on this sartorial conundrum.

P.S The tweed jacket in the picture above is quite stunning.


WinstonC said...


I don't really pay much attention to rules either. For some of them I can see the reason, for others I think they seem to be an example of needless dogma that pollutes the aestheticism of too many involved in style critique.

White, I am often told by American commentators, should not be worn before Labor Day. Being from a country that doesn't even spell the relevant word in the same way, let alone one that doesn't celebrate this marker in the American seasonal calendar, I have no interest in abiding by this rule. The practical reasoning is that it rains an awful lot here in London during the winter; wearing white, a magnet for mud, is scarcely the most practical choice. However, on a sunny day - a rarity in the darker months - the sudden sunshine puts one in mind of the warmer times of year; a brighter tie is selected, sunglasses might even be dusted off and, yes, the white trousers might come out. I think it is far healthier to express such feelings for out-of-season joy; "I feel like wearing white today!" should result in the gentleman being permitted, by his own conscience and fellow man, to wear white. As silly as it is to wear it on a rainy winter's day, with taxis splashing around, it is no more silly than to wear it on a (common in London) rainy summer's day. Considering the bizarre turn of weather we are experiencing in the northern hemisphere this winter, choosing clothing merely by a calendar is fraught with the possibility of an unattractive mistake.

P.S. Excuse the verbosity.


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Anonymous said...

What Tailor did you use in Lisbon?
Might be in Lisboa in the new year.