Saturday, 24 April 2010


I am always on the lookout for timeless headgear - the sort of thing you might see in a movie and remark; "Wow, that still looks great today; I wonder where I can find one of those?" I remember watching quite a few early 20th century period dramas where, in the warmer months, the gentlemen seemed to be wearing some creamy, stiff, papery flat-caps; the image forever etched in mind, I chanced upon this in Zara (where else?) Though some have said they believe me more tolerable without headgear of this style, I couldn't resist the temptation. The far-off-in-the-distance pose is for the purpose of a three quarter view of the hat.

Hat - Zara

Linen Jacket - H&M (buttons added)

Linen Waistcoat - Marks & Spencer

Shirt - Hawes & Curtis

Bow tie - eBay

Pocket watch - eBay


Silk Ties said...

I really like your look here!!The bow tie adds a lot to the overall look obviously!

Robert L said...

I think you look snappy in a hat. It suits you nicely