Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Outfit & New Shoes

I recently purchased some new tasseled loafers from Herring Shoes in a rich tan. While not quite the Crockett & Jones loafers I had my eye on, these were less than half the price and came with free shoe trees, a handy shoe horn, travel bags and tin of polish.

Shoes - Herring

Check trousers - Zara

Blazer (buttons added) -GAP

Shirt - Charles Tyrwhitt

Tie - Tie Rack

Tie clip - eBay

Pocket square - Austin Reed

Belt - H&M


Barima said...

It's funny; the recent consensus on StyleForvm was that there are practically no exceptions to the apparent aesthetic distatefulness of both paler yellow shirts and matching shirts and neckties. These sorts of notions are upended at least once a generation

Per your recent essay, a yolkier yellow shirt's the ideal; lighter tones are a wash for lighter skins. Still, this ensemble exemplifies that due consideration masters such "outré ideas" more often than not

The Herring loafers are a delight


WinstonC said...


The more I hear about Styleforum, the more I wish to avoid it. You and I have discussed our distaste for sartorial dogma; exceptions and things like that - erecting invisible fences - serves no creative purpose at all. Of course, being persons who experiment in such "outré" fashions - what could we possibly know?

Thought you'd like the loafers. I have no doubt they'll improve with age. At present, though sharp, they make me look a little naive.



Anonymous said...

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