Saturday, 10 April 2010


A warm weekend day, which called for blue, white and tan.

Shoes - Herring

White jeans - Zara

Belt - Zara

Shirt - Emilio

Neckerchief - H&M

Cardigan - Burton


Ryan said...

I'm trying to do a neckscarf and this picture helps. Thanks. And thanks for the blog I enjoy Satorialist as well as The Man Purse Blog but that one is out of biz.


Laguna Beach Trad said...

Lovely. The Herring tassel loafer--is this the Matisse model? If so they look more elegant than I imagined.

WinstonC said...

This is the Herring model I purchased. The Ascot II in Pecan Calf.

Excellent value.


v. Braun. said...

I like this outfit (and your inspiring blog as a whole) a lot...recently I have been rethinking my non-caring attitude about tassel loafers and those in your pic further endear them to me..;)

Best wishes from H.

The Charity Shop Fairy said...

I have a question for you - do you always buy your trousers from Zara?! I do not ask to mock you, but to ascertain where one would acquire trousers to fit a man of your build! My lover is a marvellous man, but he doesn't own a single pair of trousers that don't have to be held up with a piece of string and rolled profusely at the ankle. As you can imagine this is rather tiresome for my poor little eyes and I am seeking to remedy it.

WinstonC said...

I don't always buy my trousers from Zara although I do own a large amount of their slim-fit trousers.

If trousers roll, they can be easily shortened by a tailor for a moderate sum; jeans shouldn't be a problem either, although rolling jeans is perfectly acceptable too.

I tend to find enough pairs of trousers and jeans in a 30" waist at Zara too. I often wear a belt for decorative rather than practical purposes.

If your man is not willing to wear the style of trouser that you commented on in the Island Punch outfit as "...ahem, tight" (or perhaps you are not willing to allow him to) you might find it troublesome buying 'spacious' trousers at Zara that are not going to need a belt. I would try Uniqlo; their trousers are definitely less 'slim-fit' and you should be able to find some for a man with a small waist. As I stated before, if they're too long just get a tailor to take them up.