Thursday, 13 May 2010


Shoes - Dune

Socks - Uniqlo

Trousers - Zara

Jacket - H&M

Cardigan - GAP

Tie - Austin Reed (vintage)

Pocket square - Victoria Arena

Shirt - Zara


Anonymous said...

Are you influenced by the vampire look now with the long pointed fingernails?

WinstonC said...

No, although I find mid-length nails very practical.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I finally get a response from you Mr. Chesterfield. Thank you very much for your edifying blog. I find it quite enjoyable. Pray tell, why do you never answer my inquiries?

Kind regards,

WinstonC said...

Dear Hilton,

I apologise if I have not responded to your questions before. I imagine you were also responsible for the question about the blue blazer with the purple jeans? And also the question about tailoring a 40R jacket? I have now answered those questions on the relevant posts.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Mr. Chesterfield,
No, I cannot claim the questions that you are referring to. Please stay in touch. I find you much more civil and sophisticated than my American Neanderthal compatriots.

Very warm regards,


The Charity Shop Fairy said...

'Smile - Model's own... '

I think this could be the first shot of you with your teeth bared! Perhaps you really are inspired by the vampire look.

Stuart said...

I find the upper half a little too busy, Winston. I'd prefer to see one component toned down at least: that might mean finding a more sober pocket square perhaps, or a tie that picks out some other element of the ensemble.

I think the socks are a rather extreme punctuation of your trouser to shoe.

Overall I feel like you've possibly got 2 outifts in one here: I would combine the trousers, shirt and tie in one; the jacket, ps, socks and shoes in another perhaps.

The pose is really charming.

All the best,


jem said...

Hi Winston,

I saw your column on Men's Flair recently about the unstructured shirt/jacket you got off the high street. Would you mind telling me where you got it from? I'm quite curious to see it in the flesh.


WinstonC said...


The unstructured jacket I spoke of in the article is actually pictured there too - a light blue premium linen jacket. Please forgive my slightly serious expression. I picked it up from Uniqlo.