Thursday, 3 June 2010

Outfit - Mash-Up

I recently picked up a completed fully bespoke flannel chalkstripe suit from Cad & The Dandy. However, it's a little warm to wear it at this time of the year. I itched to debut it, so I decided to wear the trousers in a mash-up. Also featured are some shoes I picked up on eBay.

Trousers - Cad & The Dandy (part of a suit)

Jacket - H&M (part of a suit)

Tie - Austin Reed

Tie clip - eBay

Shoes - Barker

Shirt - TM Lewin

Cotton pocket square - Tie Rack


Robert L said...

Great looking outfit. What fun pair of shoes. All the details make the whole outfit interesting!

Hestor said...

Can you show us the full bespoke suit next time?

Anonymous said...

hi, my name is kenan and i do follow your blog since quite a long time. this friday i will be in london and i would like to see you for an hour or so (maybe lunch) to discuss some of these issues (style, clothes etc). hope you do not mind?! if you don't contact me on
thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Good day Winston!

Compliments on the smart trousers. The waistaband is where it ought to be, a man´s natural waist that is.


Anthony said...

Are you sure the shoes are from Barker ? from a previous collection ? I want the same ! where to buy, please ?!