Monday, 21 June 2010


Sporting a new pocket square purchased in the half price TM Lewin sale.

Shoes - Grenson

Trousers - H&M

Belt - H&M

Shirt -Hawes & Curtis

Tie - TM Lewin

Tie clip - eBay

Pocket square - TM Lewin

Jacket - Zara


Anonymous said...

Mr. Chesterfield,
I bought a book over the weekend that you may find of interest, that is if you are not already aware of it. The title is "Last of the Dandies: The Scandalous Life and Escapades of Count D' Orsay" by Nick Foulkes. What is you opinion of Mr. Foulkes?

Very warm regards,

WinstonC said...

Dear Hilton,

Mr Foulkes is an excellent writer and, as he practices the same art as Le Comte D'Orsay (albeit less extravagantly and certainly less destructively), will approach the subject from a sympathetic point of view.

Foulkes also happens to be one of the best dressed men in Britain.



Anonymous said...

Dear Winston,
Are you familiar with the New England tradition in the States of wearing "Nantucket Reds" (trousers) that fade in the summer? What are your thoughts on this?


WinstonC said...

Dear Hilton,

Article coming on your comment soon at


Anonymous said...

Thank you Winston, I am looking forward to it.


Ross said...


Bold look, not a bad square, but might look better with a plain red piece