Thursday, 15 July 2010

Outfit - All Brown (and pink) in Town

Brown is one of the most masculine of colours and I always think it complements pink well; I liken it to finding a fallen rose on the forest floor.

Brown shoes - Jones One Collection

Pink socks - Uniqlo

Brown trousers - Zara

Houndstooth jacket - Zara

Brown stripe shirt - TM Lewin

Chocolate knit tie - Zara

Pink pocket square - Tie Rack


Savile Joe said...

Glad I found your blog it's fantastic!
Really like this outfit, the brown and pink compliment really well I'm of the same opinion. I'll need to keep my eye out in Zara, I have been looking for the same jacket.

WinstonC said...

Thanks Savile Joe. I bought the jacket a few years ago so if it is still hanging on the racks I'd be very surprised. Great work on the SJ blog.