Friday, 16 July 2010


I have always had a liking for Gucci loafers - I have never had a liking (or a respect) for their ridiculous prices. I found these in the River Island sale.

Suede loafers - River Island

Jeans - Zara

Shirt -TM Lewin

Tie - Austin Reed

Pocket square - H&M

Seersucker - ASOS


Mrs Trefusis... said...

You have an unerring ability to hit exactly the right sartorial note every time. Bravo.

WinstonC said...

Thank you - most kind Mrs T.


Barima said...


The pocket square - which I presume does double duty as a neckerchief - is a marvel

The new shoes are also smart; I think you're going to have a lot of fun devising ensembles with them. They practically require a rollneck, a suit and a hat

All best,


Erica Hans said...


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Maisie said...

I have a rather random question to ask you!
I am currently studying for a degree in Costume Production, in which i am soon to be in my final year of.
I am specialising in tailoring for my dissertation and was wondering if it would be possible to interview you about your views on 'The Suit', to aid me with my research plans.
I couldn't find how to get in contact with you and so though posting a message would be of the best effect!
Thankyou and I hope to hear back from you soon!
Maisie McCubbin.

WinstonC said...


Thanks for the comments. The shoes will require thought but generally, slim denim and tapered trousers that finish well above the shoe are the only styles I will consider.


Thanks for the tip and for the mention and praise on the blog. Very kind.


I would be delighted to assist you. Please email me at