Monday, 9 August 2010


How many 'different' colours can you see?

Shoes - Dune

Trousers - Zara

Jacket - H&M

Tie - Black

Tie clip - eBay

Shirt - Hawes & Curtis

Pocket square - Tie Rack


Mxolisi Ngonelo said...

Seven colours chap, and they all flow wondefully in concert.

Great combination winston. I'm already going to copy your previous post because I have all those pieces.

spoozyliciouzz said...

Great colour combo, no doubt about that.

Johnbone said...
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Johnbone said...

Hi Winston,

Love the outfit, you're an inspiration. I wonder, can you speak for the quality of Dune shoes? I'm poised to buy some sale pairs from the web and have them shipped to Australia, we have nothing like it down here.

Keep up the good work.

WinstonC said...

Dear John,

Firstly, thank you for the kind words.

For high street shoes, Dune are pretty good in terms of quality. The leathers used are not only attractive but of decent quality and none of my Dune shoes leathers have cracked.

I wouldn't advise wearing one pair every day as they will wear out.

I agree with you, Dune have good designers and the last is an attractive, slim one. I have had some pairs for years now.



The Charity Shop Fairy said...

Lovely. It seems I have learned some, albeit entirely useless and whimsical, from reading your column the other day: last night I was watching the latest instalment of Sherlock on the iplayer and noticed that Moriarty was attired in your favoured extreme cutaway collar with small tie knot!

The Charity Shop Fairy said...

Oops, I meant 'something'! That'll learn me...

Anonymous said...

Stunningly elegant ensemble, Winston: quite the most effective I've seen on your blog so far. Bravo! I particularly like the lilac shirt and yellow-orange tie.

Top-to-toe,I'd wear this all myself: with the exception of the two tone shoes. I'd substitute something more low-key - highly-polished, chestnut brown brogues, ideally.