Monday, 20 September 2010

Esquire Party

I was recently involved in the final of Esquire's Britain's Best Dressed Real Man 2010 and was fortunate to have been considered in the last twelve. I didn't make it into the final three but the event at Harrods, with lethal cocktails and an after party at Whisky Mist, was very enjoyable.

I wore a specially made Cad & The Dandy dinner jacket - double-breasted, shawl collared and cutaway.

Patent opera pumps - George Cleverley

Blue jeans - COS

Dinner jacket - Cad & The Dandy

Bow tie - Ede & Ravenscroft

Shirt - TM Lewin

Pocket square - Tie Rack

Shirt studs - eBay


TheMen'sSide said...

Love the jacket and bow tie :)

Tim said...

Hi Winston, just to congratulate you on doing something very different for the best dressed competition, it's refreshing to see an interesting mix of the smart and casual.

On a side note, do you know of the best place to buy a tweed jacket? At £300, I can't justify the Gieves and Hawkes ones (nice as they are!).



spoozyliciouzz said...

Congrats, Winston. That must have been a tough competition, given the fact you did not make it into the final twelve.

Like the jacket a lot, but those shoes are a bit too much for me. Would have gone with velvet loafers instead...

@Tim: check out need to browse through a pile of racks, but occassionally you´ll find something unique, perfectly tailored and reasonably prized.

Barima said...

When you told me that you'd been unable to source silk hose, I'd never guessed that you would thus opt to go sockless. Le Dandy would be proud

The top half, in particular, is spot on - C&tD did an excellent job - and I like the bows on the Cleverley pumps

Best as always,


Alan said...

Love the shoes!

WinstonC said...


Thanks. I do wish I had worn a velvet bow though.


Thanks for the compliment. My 'official' entry is actually the large photograph behind me - this was my outfit for the 'party' but thanks for the kind compliment.

I agree that eBay offer some decent tweed jackets but you might also try Ede & Ravenscroft if you are prepared to wait for the sale. You can pick up excellent tweed jackets for £120 in the sale.


I did make it into the final twelve, but not into the final three. The competition was...interesting! And certainly eye-opening.


I just felt that sockless was the way to go for an early September night. I agree, the jacket is lovely - it really doesn't do it justice to see it in photographs.


Thanks. Not to everyone's taste but I think they're swell.


W.C., Esq. said...

Mr Chesterfield,

That jacket is an inspiration. I am an instant convert and will undoubtedly have a similar one made sometime. I was already sold on it after being introduced to the notion of a cutaway dinner jacket in an earlier post of yours, and it's gratifying to see it put so magnificently into execution. I agree with what you wrote at that time about it being especially effective when paired unconventionally with contrast trousers (though I see no reason not to wear it formally with standard evening trousers); that said, the jeans combination isn't my cup of tea, but you do it much more convincingly than the Academy Awards personalities on whom it is so often ruefully manifested.

For the daytime, this may be something to consider: how about a jacket of this design, minus the satin facing and with peak lapels instead of shawl, worn as an interpretation of the old 'black coat and striped trousers' ensemble? (what was once informalised morning dress, or in American English, the 'stroller'). As the jacket is DB and accompanied with no formal waistcoat, it would be casual enough to be worn at the wearer's whim, without ceremonious occasion. If such a coat were made, I think the peak lapels would best not be ones that point upward - rather, flat peaks whose top edges would point horizontally, as are sometimes seen in other double-breasted coats.

Will C.

harps said...

Congrats Winston, glad to see you having a good time and getting some recognition. I love the cut of that jacket, the curved hem and shawl collar are exquisite.

WinstonC said...


Your design idea is a very intriguing one. The satin facing would certainly remove the 'only black tie' element from the jacket, rendering it more adaptable. And I like the idea of flat peaked lapels. It would be perfect with grey flannel trousers I imagine.


Thank you. It was rather fun! Cad & The Dandy really did a fabulous job with the jacket, I agree. It's actually better in the flesh (without the flash photography).


Denise said...

As has been said already, the competition must have been tough if you didnt win! I thoroughly enjoy your blog Winston, great style is rare....

Anonymous said...


I need a favour. I am going to a black tie party but I was wondering what your views on pocket squares are?

I normally wear one with suits but I tried a white linen one with my dinner jacket and it looked way too stark against the black. Should I wear a black one? Or a colour (red)? Or can I not wear one at all?