Sunday, 26 September 2010


It's really chilly now in London; autumn has finished her light flirting and is now in the process of ravishing the trees. A cool wind is blowing through the city.

Shoes - Herring

Purple jeans - Zara

Belt - H&M

Cardigan - Uniqlo

Cord jacket - Zara

Shirt - Zara

Pocket square - Tie Rack

Hat - H&M


W.C., Esq. said...

I used to dismiss corduroy jackets in favour of tweed, but I've come to realise they have the one advantage of having greater mixability than tweed due to their being solid and patternless (not counting the pattern of the texture, I suppose). Now I realise I need one. I think they are best worn in casual tie-less ensembles, as you've done here. Bravo

Anyway, I've added your blog to my list (mine is new-born and it remains to be seen whether I'll ever start posting personal style photos... ) Anyway,

Will C.

Charles said...

You're lucky. I was sporting my navy blazer in a 90 degree New York City yesterday - not comfortable.

Great outfit. I like the way you pair the purple and brown. I'm going to try that - if it ever gets cool here.

Joe said...

Great outfit, I love your style. I especially like how you've toned down formal attire with a casual cardigan. Knitwear is great for dressing down smart clothing for more casual occasions.

WinstonC said...


Thanks. I will certainly keep an eye on your blog. Keep it up!


Thanks. 90 degrees in September? Ouch. That is uncomfortably warm. Particularly as the autumn wardrobe beckons...


Thanks. I agree, knitwear is ideal for reducing the 'harsh formality' of a suit, particularly.


Archibald said...

Dear Winston

I really like the way you brilliantly mix exclusive clothes with middle price garments from H&M and Zara. Keep up the good work!