Friday, 15 October 2010

Other uses for a dinner jacket...

I am not particularly keen on 'alternative black tie', nor am I very enamoured by the idea of wearing faced-lapels with conventional dress. However, when heading out for dinner recently I considered all the options for a sober lower half (slim grey trousers, black loafers) and decided to go with the shawl collared dinner jacket.

It's not 'correct.' It might even offend some, but this was exactly what I liked about the design. It looks cosy and elegant and it is rather like a smoking jacket in terms of versatility.

Jacket - Cad & The Dandy

Tie - Jasper Conran

Shirt - TM Lewin

Pocket square - Tie Rack


Barima said...


I favour the 1960s uses of a roll neck or a ruffled front shirt with a Mandarin collar for such subversions

I also reckon that a dark pocket square is an excellent call too

Incidentally, it's a shame you can't come to next week's opening, but I should be able to see you again next year

All best,


Anonymous said...

Nice outfit! Is the jacket bespoke?

Best regards!

WinstonC said...


It is a great shame but I do have my duties to perform as Best Man on the 23rd; the top hat is polished and the waistcoat from Graham Browne pressed!

I like the roll-neck with that sort of look. I saw a couple of nice colours in Zara Women (yes, seriously) for about £9. Skin tight, as they should be.

Good luck with the opening B. If there's any way I can lend support/PR let me know.



Yes, it is bespoke. Made by Cad & The Dandy (