Thursday, 21 October 2010


I don't dislike suits, I just get bored by them. I felt that today was a check-trouser day.

Shoes - Herring

Trousers - Zara

Waistcoat - Vintage

Jacket - Zara (buttons added)

Pocket square - H&M

Tie - Tie Rack

Shirt -TM Lewin


The Classicist said...

Beautiful use of colour. Blue pocket square is just the right jolt to counterbalance rust/orange tie. Great looking trousers.

Especially like your art of reconfiguring/recombining previously shown elements. Exemplifies versatility of individual garments.

Am interested in your use of changed-out buttons. For sake of colour; style; quality? If opportunity arises, may we see examples of before and after?

(I too change out buttons if standard issue looks cheap or plasticky.)

--The Classicist

guillermo.gilabert said...


I have seen that you use many times shirts from TM Lewin. I know this brand because of its website.

What type of collar do you normally buy?


WinstonC said...

Apologies for the delay in replying chaps!

Regarding the buttons, I always change buttons if they look cheap/dull. I also change buttons if they are too 'matchy'; I bought a classic black and white houndstooth blazer recently with black buttons and changed them to a dark brown, antique-looking button. I will post on this garment soon.

Regarding the shirts Guillermo, I nearly always buy Windsor collars. My new favourite is the St James Collar - displayed a couple of posts above this one. I have always preferred cutaways.