Monday, 25 October 2010


Taking tea at the Ritz the day after my duties as Best Man. An Earl Grey much deserved...

Trousers - Zara

Cord jacket - Zara (buttons added)

Shirt - Zara

Tie - Hackett

Pocket square - Tie Rack


The Classicist said...

Charming photo from the master colourist. (Colours work well with upholstery!

Stunning plaid tie. But looks too long. (... Because you are sitting?)

Gilt blazer buttons on cord jacket: Great!

Mekinking said...

perfect outfit and an adorable picture

Barima said...

Considered and lively autumnal ensemble, my friend. This sort of playful flash is often woefully misjudged by others who end up with discordant palette clashes and dodgy fits. Your colour wheel was well spun


WinstonC said...

Thanks all. Someone that day referred to my shirt as an 'Al Fayed classic' which I suppose is quite true - he is fond of white collared checks!

Unfortunately my buttonhole (a variegated carnation that I wore as Best Man - I had not the heart to throw it away) was rather camera shy.

I think it just looks long because I am sitting.

Hilton said...

How nice for this American to see that there are such civil gentlemen in the world.

Anonymous said...

What kind of shoes are you wearing and what color?

WinstonC said...

I am wearing my tan punchcap Oxfords.


Paul Briden said...

I just stumbled across your blog while searching for corduroy blazers and I would just like to say how wonderful it is and what a fantastic wardrobe you have. Good show.