Monday, 31 January 2011

Outfit - Make sure your socks match your buttonhole...

Shoes - John Mac Grey

Trousers (Part of suit) - Baron of Piccadilly

Jacket (Part of suit) - Zara

Sleeveless jumper - Zara

Tie - Vintage

Shirt - TM Lewin

Pocket square - Tie Rack

Socks - Falke


Laura said...

Hello! I'm very impressed by your blog, thanks a lot for the pictures!
Can I ask a question?
Do you think TMLewin shirts are true to size or you buy the shirts a bit bigger/smaller?
I'm ordering shirts for my husband for the first time and am really confused by different reviews with no pictures at all)
Greetings from Moscow =)

WinstonC said...

Dear Laura,

TM Lewin shirts are correctly sized by collar (neck) and sleeve length (arm length). The difference is, they are not sold by Small, Medium and Large.

If your husband has a 15.5" neck size, the shirt you buy from them in 15.5" will fit, BUT if you want it to fit closely to the body you need to purchase a slim fit shirt.

Personally, I only buy slim fit shirts these days.

I hope this helps.