Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Trousers - Baron of Piccadilly

Waistcoat - ASOS

Blue blazer - Uniqlo (buttons added)

Shirt - Austin Reed

Tie - Tie Rack

Tie clip - eBay

Pocket square - Tie Rack


Bazz said...

From Baz
This is a very Edwardian look
when gentlemen were very elegant
and wore lovely hats, carried
walking canes, gloves,

You should open your own shop
or else set up in Savile row

I would come to such a shop.

Paul said...

Fantastic look today.

Anonymous said...

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Regards, A
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Ross said...

I had never heard of Budd of Piccadilly. Looking them up I find that they appear to be a shirtmaker's in the Piccadilly Arcade. Clearly they make trousers too. Do you rate them?

WinstonC said...
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WinstonC said...


I would love to set up my own shop, if only I could persuade someone to contribute the £200k+ capital required!


I love the Budd shop. One of the few places still selling boiled-front evening shirts (it's comforting to me that someone in London still sells things like that).

UPDATED: These trousers are NOT from Budd. I must have been half asleep penning the post AND the comment!
Sorry for the confusion Ross.

They are from Baron of Piccadilly (now sadly no longer).

Tristan Benette said...

Ever tried to carry such attire with a cane? An outfit like this back in the 18th century is always paired with a gorgeous walking stick to compliment with the look and sophistication. By the way, your waist coat made a good package to you, man.