Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Wearing a tie I recently picked up in Zara. Womenswear.

Yes, that's right.

A tie. In womenswear.

Jacket - Zara

Trousers - River Island

Shoes - Dune

Waistcoat - Vintage

Tie - Zara

Tie clip - eBay

Shirt - Hawes & Curtis

Pocket square - Tie Rack


Anonymous said...

nice tie

mosze said...

Ok, but how did you find the tie? Do you visit those shop areas destined for women? ;-)

Rajesh said...

Hi Winston,

I just wanted to ask you what type of collar that is on your shirt here. It's got more of a curve than an ordinary cut away - or so it seems to me. Also, what style of shirt from the range on offer at H&C is this?


WinstonC said...


Curve = no collar stiffeners.

In terms of the style, this is a regular fit, French collared and cuffed lilac stripe shirt. I bought it a couple of years ago so I doubt it's still retailed but H&C do bring back their striped French collar shirts from time to time.


WinstonC said...


Of course. It's rather fun, you know.


Paul Briden said...

Gah, I wanted to get this pocket square but never found the right time to buy it, even in the sales when it was down to about £2 and now it is gone forever!
I expected some enterprising soul on ebay to have bought several of them up to sell on at a mark up but no such luck.