Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Outfit - 'Put On Your Bank-Holiday-Monday clothes...'

'...there's lots of world out there...'

Sporting a new 100% linen jacket from the excellent Uniqlo and my new 'yellow tortoise' RayBan Wayfarers of which I wrote, lustily, on Mensflair.

Shoes - Dune

Shirt - TM Lewin

Trousers - TopMan

Jacket - Uniqlo (buttons added)

Tie - Ralph Lauren

Pocket square - Tie Rack

Sunglasses - RayBan


Charlie Styr said...

Congrats on the glasses! Where did you manage to obtain them in the end? I saw a few pairs of blonde wayfarers going on eBay lately!

WinstonC said...



When I bought them, they were just £80.00. As the summer creeps closer, expect prices to rise further!


Laurence said...

More Dune Co-Respondent shoes.

I was tempted by them earlier in the year but ended up buying Herring Henleys.
How are the Dune shoes for quality?