Thursday, 7 July 2011


Sat watching a polo match in Buckinghamshire recently.

Driving Shoes - Massimo Dutti

Chinos - TopMan

Shirt - TM Lewin

Tie - Zara

Tie clip - eBay

Jacket - Uniqlo

Hat - River Island

Pocket square - Tie Rack


Anonymous said...

Dear Winston,

I just want to let you know that
"Sat" is not good English.

You can be seated watching ....

or you can be sitting watching...

Many make this mistake and it gives
away much about bad grammar.

I am older than you and as I like
you and your site, want you to make no more howlers.



Anonymous said...

It's in West Wycombe, isn't it ?

WinstonC said...

Yes, it is. West Wycombe Park.

Anonymous said...

I used to play there. Nice place.

Vintage Whistles said...

That is a very nice look, relaxed and stylish : )