Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Blue wool flannel jacket - Uniqlo (buttons added)

Red striped shirt - TM Lewin

Prince of Wales check tie - Gieves & Hawkes

Gold tie clip - eBay

Green pocket square - eBay

Houndstooth trousers - Zara


Andreza Hoffmann said...

Good evening, I was honored with your comment on my blog, I was very happy, hope you did not mind that I have picked up your photos without permission, I found a site, and decided to tweak in your blog, and loved, always comes back to my blog, if you can .. kisses, and thank you!

Mr M. said...

Dear Mr Chesterfield,

I couldn't find your email address on this blog, you will excuse me if I use therefore this comment.

I have come across your blog "Le Vrai Winston" some time ago, and it is always a refreshing pleasure to pop it on the screen every now and then - especially for someone like me, working in the financial services and unfortunately accustomed to hordes of black-suited professionals…

I apologise for my intrusion into your private life, but this morning, going to work, I think I saw your real self waiting for the tube at Westminster - you seemed to be deeply interested in what you were reading, but it was not too difficult to spot your never banal paraphernalia… green striped shirt today, right?

For no particular reason I thought I'd say hello; loving your blog's motto "Men like clothes too", I generally sympathise with people who think the same…

Allow me to wish you a very fine day,

Yours sincerely,
Mr M.

WinstonC said...

Mr M,

You are correct. On that morning I was attired in a green striped shirt! I believe I was reading City AM, waiting for the Circle Line to Liverpool Street.

Many thanks for your kind words and your interest in the blog. I hope it continues to offer you a'refreshing pleasure.'