Sunday, 20 November 2011

Outfit - Brown about town...

Shoes - Herring

Chinos - TopMan

Socks - Uniqlo

Shirt - Next

Tie - Gieves & Hawkes

Jumper - Zara

Cord jacket - Zara

Pocket square - eBay


Anonymous said...

This really is such a wonderful resource that youre offering and you give it away for free. I adore seeing internet sites that understand the worth of offering a top quality useful resource for free. It?s the outdated what goes around comes around routine.

Anonymous said...

I follow a fair number of menswear blogs & I have been following this one for probably 3 (even 4?) years now. I take my hat off to you – so many of them are about lusting after, obsessing over, and providing obsequious PR commentary for, high end labels and brands. That stuff is great & if I could afford it, I might get more out of that sphere, but I love the fact you stick to showing how much can be done with high street shops, a keen eye for ebay and charity shops, and the help of a good tailor. Standards without snobbery. Keep up the good work!

Barima said...

Charming ensemble, W. I've been thinking along similar lines, albeit for the summer


marcus said...

Awesome stuff!! :) is that a pair of herring matisse btw?? Love herring shoes!! :) thanks for all the good work!! :)