Friday, 13 January 2012

Cad & The Dandy Photoshoot

Photograph by Nick Tucker

Not so long ago, I was contacted by Ian at Cad & The Dandy who informed me that they were conducting a photoshoot for their lookbook, website and advertising. He explained that they didn't want to shoot models; they wanted to shoot customers.

The reason? Customers relate to other paying customers; not chiselled, intensely good-looking 20 year olds with agency contracts.

Instead, they called on yours truly - and a bunch of other splendid chaps who happened to own their suits. The brilliant results can be seen on the photographer Nick Tucker's page:

Nick Tucker Photography

Nick is an incredibly patient artist; not only did he wait for light, he also waited for the inexperienced subjects to get into gear and at least pretend to be David Gandy for the day.

Guided by the immensely enthusiastic, smooth-talking Lydia Hargrave (Art Director), we had a smashing time down in East London in a beautifully dilapidated Victorian building that used to be a pub and a music venue.

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