Monday, 2 January 2012

Out(fit) with the old...and in with the new

Appropriately for the first post of 2012, we have a new purchase; a brown overcoat from the TopMan sale. All the other items are favourites of varying vintage...

Shoes - Herring

White jeans - Zara

Cardigan - Uniqlo (buttons added)

Blue cord shirt - H&M

Bow tie - Tie Rack

Brown overcoat - TopMan

Gloves - Wedins


v. Braun. said...

This combination with white jeans is very inspirational!

Anonymous said...

How good the coat looks on you.
coats hang better on slim

I love coats and have about
15. my indulgence.

Happy New year and keep on
with the good work.


Jailbanger said...

Those pants are tight! It looks as though you're trying to draw attention to your penis.