Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Richard James for M&S

Richard James has teamed up with Marks & Spencer to produce a Savile Row inspired collection of shirts, suits and ties. The collection is called, unsurprisingly, 'Savile Row Inspired' and is going on sale from tomorrow.

The suits (very reasonably priced) are sharper in tailoring style than the regular M&S offering, with a nod to the Row Renaissance aesthetic that occurred in the late Nineties and early Noughties, but not of trend cuts as seen in high street stores like River Island or TopMan.

Suits, shirts and ties are modernly minimalist, with subtle details, so don't go thinking this is a chalkstripe and French collar revival. Details are there, with mother-of-pearl buttons for the shirts (a nice touch), and all-British cloth for the suits.

Here is a tie from the collection, a multi-coloured-dot mid-blue woven silk that typifies both James' style and the collection itself. This is not Old Masters or Henry Poole; this is Tate Modern and dubstep.

Suit - H&M

Shirt -Hawes & Curtis

Tie - Richard James for M&S 'Savile Row Inspired'

Pocket square - eBay

Tie Bar - eBay

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