Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Wearing a green cotton cord waistcoat picked up from TopMan.

Shirt - TM Lewin

Cord waistcoat - TopMan

Tie - Kenzo

Suit - Uniqlo

Pocket square - eBay


AFJ said...

Nice tie. Vintage?

WinstonC said...

Yes, it is.


DW said...

huh, i have the grey one of those waistcoats. How do you find the buttons?

DW said...

i have the grey version of that waistcoat. How do you find the buttons? I'm not sure!

Mxolisi Ngonelo said...

You never fail to disappoint.

Anonymous said...

You look very happy in this photo.
and manage to look good in clothes
that do not cost the earth.

I think you have a fascination
with buttons. amazing how a few
alterations can made a difference.


WinstonC said...


I like the colour but may well change them at some point.

As Bazz correctly points out, I do have a bit of a fascination with buttons but they are often the worst element of high street clothing.