Monday, 23 April 2012


I thought I'd rejuvenate this jacket with some gilt buttons. The dark grey ones were a little sad for an odd jacket, so I thought this would make it look more like a blazer having seen a splendid example of a grey blazer with gilt buttons in Gant.

Trousers - TopMan

Jacket - Zara (buttons added)

Tie - TM Lewin

Shirt - Charles Tyrwhitt

Pocket square - eBay


AFJ said...

It's not actually a db is it?


Roger v.d. Velde said...

Maybe it is, but the but the right middle button looks higher than the left.

WinstonC said...

It is a double breasted jacket.

The right middle button might look higher because I am standing rather jauntily; the buttons are parallel with the top row.

Roger v.d. Velde said...

Maybe the jigger button was unfastened? Or the buttons moved to give a touch more waist suppression?
Either way one side looks longer than the other. If you say it's the jaunty stance, then maybe it's just the jaunty stance.

Wedding Suits For Men said...

One of the best suit that I saw today.

Tweedmans Vintage - Vintage Menswear said...

I very much like this look, the new buttons look great on the jacket!