Sunday, 20 May 2012


Cords - Zara

Tweed jacket - Ede & Ravenscroft

Pocket square - Zara

Jumper - Zara

Shirt - Hawes & Curtis

Tie - Austin Reed (vintage)


Grausig Grantiger Gemahl said...

this is a great blog. thanks for all the info and inspiration.
its a good guide for someone who doesnt want all savile row too;-)
thanks and keep upt all the inspiration and great combinations its really unique how it goes on and on without repeating or boring!!
and you are allowed to check my blog too;-)

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely photo study of a
" young gentleman."
What good colour matching and
shows you to best advantage.

A nice antidote to all the
rough common looking males featured in
newspaper adverts.!!

Keep on delighting us all


Roger v.d. Velde said...

The pattern matching on the jacket is indeed quite excellent.
Handkerchief is a bit out of control though.

What colour are the cords, rust brown or red? I like the look. Better than my common choice of beige/tan with like jackets.

Laurence said...

That jacket is pretty damn good.
I'll have to search one out somewhere.

John said...

First of all, the photograph is stunning.

As always, you are the master of color. No other blogger I'm aware of comes close. It's one thing to be fearless; it's another to make it work.

I appreciate the mix of upscale expensive, vintage finds, and accessible items.


Anonymous said...

Tame you pocketsquare.

Tweedmans Vintage - Vintage Menswear said...

Superb combination as always Winston!
I love the jacket : )

gntstyle said...

Lovely tweed jacket!

I like your blog, you've got an amazing style

I'll definitely follow you

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take care

Consultant Style Advisor

WinstonC said...

Thanks for the kind comments all.

GGG: I shall certainly check it out soon.

Bazz: Generous as ever, thanks.

Roger vdV: It is slightly pouffy, it is true. It is rather large that one.

FYI, the cords are red.

John: Most kind and generous praise, thanks.

Tweedmans: Thanks. It is a great jacket. E&R still have some good ones in their summer sales.

Gian: Thanks. I will certainly check your blog out.