Sunday, 8 July 2012

White Tie

An invitation to a 'Gatsby' themed birthday party was the perfect excuse to roll out the all-too-rarely worn white tie. 

Patent pumps - Cleverley

Silk socks - Patra

Evening trousers - Clermont Direct (adjusted)

Waistcoat - Lloyd Attree & Smith

Washable boiled front evening shirt - Darcy Clothing

Butterfly wing collar - Darcy Clothing
Vintage evening tailcoat - Savvy Row

Shirt studs - eBay

Pocket watch - Zenith (antique)

Bow tie - Shepherd & Woodward


Roger v.d. Velde said...

Sublime. Excellent that you got the opportunity to wear white tie. The tailcoat is fantastic.

Theo said...

Fantastic Winston, not only do you have a great White-Tie ensemble, you have the opportunity to wear it as well.

Philip said...

Superb. You look fantastic.

Mikko Juvonen said...

Dear Winston,

Your white tie look is spotless! I'm also considering buying a vintage tailcoat, but I am hesitating about the sizing. Being abroad it's likely that I won't be able to try the tailcoat on. When looking at the key measurements and comparing them with a contemporary and rather slim fitting suit jacket, would you say the sizing should be similar or even snugger?

Also what's your take on vintage Austin Reed quality? Might not be bespoke quality, but still worthy?

Kind Regards,