Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Life Aquatic

Swimshorts - Zara

Linen shirt - Uniqlo

Cable-knit cardigan - Burton

Sunglasses - RayBan


Anonymous said...

I like the linen shirt. You should take a look at Menswear Specialist

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely photo
as you look so happy and carefree
and enjoying yourself.

Very natural photography

the clothes are good too.


Dr Kilroy said...


I did not know where to ask this, so I am trying here. :)

In your post on Men's Flair - The Way You Wear Your Hat: The Top Hat - there is a fragment of an illustration with a gentleman in top hat (the upper right corner). Could you please send the whole picture to me?

Thank you very much and best regards, Dr