Friday, 28 September 2012

Dressing for the interview or One Suit Four Ways

Marks & Spencer have their eye on the ball.

With an eye on the continuing difficulties in the job market, they have asked 10 bloggers to step up and show what they can offer in creativity and flexibility. Allowed to select one item from the current season ranges (dresses for five girls, suits for five chaps) the challenge is to dress it up for four different job interview situations, expecting nods to the industry and seniority of the role in the style of dress.

Dressing for an interview is tricky. I should know, as I have rarely spent as much time choosing clothing for my own interviews as I have choosing clothing for any other occasion.

You will be judged on the way you dress, there is no doubt about it. For not only is dress used as a psychological indicator, it's also likely to be one of the lasting memories from your interview. The answers you provide, unless you are fortunate in being excessively original, are likely to have been heard before. What is unique is you, and your interviewer will remember you and your appearance more than your anecdotes.

Over the next four weeks I'll be posting my take on these challenges. This week's is an interview for a high street fashion brand. The key here for me is that you can have fun with the clothing, as long as it is logical and coordinated.

The staple suit is a light grey one-button, which I chose for adaptability purposes and because the interview corridor will be packed with black, charcoal and navy, which allows you to stand out in a subtle way.

For this interview, I added a velvet waistcoat, a fashion-forward shirt, a thin polka dot tie and an expressive pocket square. There aren't a great number of interviews to which you should wear such a puff of silk, but a fashion role is certainly one of them. I also opted for chestnut brown shoes as a more expressive option than black.

Suit - Marks & Spencer

Waistcoat - H&M

Shirt - Zara

Tie - H&M

Pocket square - Austin Reed

Shoes - Jones The Bootmaker

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