Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

As it is two months since I last posted on this blog, I feel compelled to inform my readers that my absence was due to a combination of unfortunate events. 

Firstly my Nikon, new in June, had to be repaired and I was without it for four weeks. 

"But why" I hear you cry "did you not use your phone camera?"

The simple reason is that it is difficult to use this alone, even with the splendid apps on offer. There is no way to secure and time it, and the pictures are nowhere near the quality of the Nikon.

Add in to this a hectic work schedule, international travel and the holiday season and you have a concatenation  of circumstances preventing good blogging.

Fortunately, January is a quiet-ish month.

I hope you all had an excellent festive season and wish you all a happy 2013. 

Boots - Loake

Grey cords - Zara

Bomber jacket - Vintage

Fair isle vest - Uniqlo

Shirt - TM Lewin

Bow tie - Vintage 

1 comment:

Ross said...

Great shine on the Loakes. I also rate them, and have a pair of 1880 semibrogues for work - although I think sometimes Loake get a undeservedly mediocre reputation.

The Uniqlo fairisle looks great too, and I bet a fair bit cheaper than the similar Fairisles I have been eyeing up from Drakes. I may consider Uniqlo, as it's hard to justify Drakes prices sometimes. The problem with Fairisle I find is that it's so distinctive that people remember it and it is very obvious if you wear it often.

Also, I am surprised by how much this shot looks like it could come from the Polo Ralph Lauren lookbook! Maybe you should do a PRL-DIY guide, I bet there would be many interested in recreating the look for less than £2k per leather jacket!