Sunday, 3 February 2013


Boots - Loake

Cords - Zara

Jumper - Gant

Shirt - TM Lewin

Bow tie - Vintage

Wax jacket - Barbour

Cap - H&M

Gloves - H&M


Maarten Gubbens said...

He looks so stylish and pretty, love your jacket and the gloves too..:)
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Anand Shah said...

hi, just came upon your blog and have been reading back posts with interest. you clearly have a great sense of style, but can i ask why you choose to mostly shop at uk high street menswear chains .. who seem to insist on make short, tight & shapeless jackets & tight low trousers these days.. i can see you are creating a classic look, but it must be terribly difficult when the products sold at these places are pushing a modern fashion type image?

WinstonC said...

Thanks Maarten.

Anand, I have written an article about this (using your question as the prompt) and it will be published to the website.



Anand Shah said...

look forward to reading with interest. A