Sunday, 24 March 2013

How to wear bright chinos: Part 3

Another way to wear brights is to pale-up the palette on the rest of the items, for a warm-weather holiday ensemble. Combining peanut colour suede lace ups with a seersucker jacket, light blue shirt, cotton madras tie and linen square, the chinos stand out but do not heavily contrast, unlike the blue blazer. The seersucker jacket is more casual, accentuated by the (optional) rolled-up sleeves. 

Shoes - Zara

Chinos - Gant

Seersucker jacket - ASOS

Tie - Ralph Lauren

Shirt - Zara

Pocket square - Massimo Dutti

1 comment:

ANON said...

Great combo - Pink Chinos are a great look but they need a coat.

You're a brave man going sockless given the temperature in London - I take it this post is in anticipation of a bright summer to come!