Saturday, 20 July 2013


This three-piece linen suit is from Matthew A Perry. Review coming soon on

Tan shoes - Jones Black Collection

Straw linen suit - Matthew A Perry

Striped shirt - TM Lewin

Tie - Tie Rack

Cream pocket square - Tie Rack


Anand Shah said...

prefer a cream linen suit to a khaki coloured one, lapels a little too slim and not much shape in the chest ..

like the overall style though and the way you put things together.

Aleksandar Cvetkovic said...

Dear Winston,

This suit looks extremely elegant! I was wondering whether I could your views on linen waistcoats, or waistcoats for summer suits. I love three pieces, and make a point of always wearing one, except in the summer sun. I've always assumed that they're too hot and closely fitted to the body for this to be a sensible option. What are your thoughts on this - is this linen waistcoat comfortable, and has it held up well in the heat?

Many thanks for your advice,


WarStudent said...

Winston, i've long been a fan of your writing (and pictures).

I'm a 20yr old student about to embark on a year of internships in london, where can i get a decent suit for up to £800. This would be my first suit (apart from school ones), i like the idea of dark grey but the go to option for first timers appears to be navy - any views?


Marcus Curran

Obscene Rabbit said...

Will be visiting again to see your daily attire.

WinstonC said...


I agree about the lack of shape. This is very much a beginner suit.


It was great to meet you the other day. I have passed on your details to my editor, Bilal Babic.

Regarding your question, it is acceptable to wear three piece linen up to about 25 degrees centigrade. After that, it gets rather uncomfortable. We must remember that three pieces come from a time when men simply had to wear a waistcoat, irrespective of the heat. I think given the change in men's style in the twentieth century, wearing a waistcoat in serious heat is impractical and conspicuously antique.


I would advise you to visit Massimo Dutti with that budget. It's VERY made to measure, not bespoke. You can get two M2M suits from them (three piece) for £800.

You must remember that Massimo Dutti suits, though well-finished, are a slight step down from City/non-Savile Row M2M. For £800 you could have a low-mid range fabric from Cad & The Dandy; they are now on Savile Row, too. Remember, this will be M2M, and NOT bespoke, but their M2M is excellent.

I would go for a mid-dark grey. Navy suits are useful, but there is more utility in grey.