Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Formal Adaptability: A Formal Suit Five Ways - 1

One of the things that puts chaps off buying formal ensembles is the lack of wear one gets from them.

For instance, I've always had a hard time trying to sell the concept of a bespoke morning dress suit to acquaintances getting married on a budget.

"You can use it for Ascot?" I suggest

"Yea. I don't like horse racing."

"Well...other weddings?"


Tails and striped trousers have, arguably, few occasions for use.

However, a dark suit, the kind that looks appropriate in both the boardroom and the cocktail bar is eminently usable. Marks & Spencer have a wide range of occasion suits that can be used for a variety of situations. For this series, I'm going to dress it up in a number of ways to show just how much wear you can get from a solid wool suit.

This is the formal occasion suit adapted for the office. This classic two-button charcoal suit is accompanied by a thin-stripe shirt, club-stripe tie, patterned silk square, tie clip and plain black Oxford shoes.  

As the suit itself is a dark background, it allows you to play with pattern mixing in shirts and accessories, which means it can be worn, tastefully, with a variety of stripes, checks, foulards and dots whilst still retaining a crisp professional look.

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