Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Wearing my new tweed suit from T4L.

Of course, I did alter the buttons...

Tweed check three piece suit - Tailor4Less

Silk tie - Vintage

Blue shirt - TM Lewin

Cotton pocket square - Tie Rack


Jan-Willem Jonker said...

Which cloth is that, Sir?

NEC said...

Nicely done. As a woman, I'd like to say that your beard/scruff works for you. I know people equate beards with hipsters as of recent, but yours adds a bit of masculinity to the "dandy" flair in your clothing. They are complimenting each other nicely.

WinstonC said...


It's Evanton. A tweed cloth.

Thanks NEC. I'll take that as a suggestion to keep it.

Roger v.d. Velde said...

I feel unfairly critical, but the sleeves look poorly made. Either that or they were very creased from wearing or badly packed when the suit was sent.

WinstonC said...

Just in case it hasn't been seen. Roger take my own pictures with a timer. Which means I am lifting my arms to arrange the shot five seconds beforehand.

It's not ideal

Roger v.d. Velde said...

Yes, I quite understand the problem of taking photos like that.

I followed the link to the other article and looked closely. I'm not offering empty style criticisms, I've been cutting and making clothes for 20 years. The chief problem with distance mtm is the lack of fittings. These are the real key to a good fit.
When a pattern is drafted, you can have all the main measurements as accurate as you wish, but the draft thus created is still merely a block that requires fitting to ensure that the problems you mentioned can be ironed out.

In the very last photo I can see that the waistband and around the hip is loose. That's really unacceptable at any price. Even RTW trousers offer at least reasonable fit in this regard.

You are cinching the waistcoat in with the half belt (if I see rightly). This should not be happening if you gave an accurate waist measurement(of course fittings help here).

THe waistcoat problems you described (the V and shoulders) speaks of a too crooked cut at the shoulder and/or too much width in the back neck.

I took note of your comments that you are not trying to be a bespoke suit purist, like a lot on the internet, but surely you want to look as good as possible for your money? If you like clothes, you must like them to fit you as well?

Let me reiterate that the fittings are what make the suit fit and the customer happy 99% of the time.

WinstonC said...

I think your comments are mostly fair Roger, except that you imply:

A) This suit doesn't fit me

B) It is possible to look better for a suit costing a shade over £200

Respectfully, I disagree with both.

Fittings are greatly satisfactory. I agree.

But they add huge cost. Western tailors are not inexpensive.

Getting bespoke means at least 4 and often 6-8 times this suit's cost.

I've had it before. Is it 4-8 times worth it? No. But that's just my personal view.

I just think that we are currently in a period of sartorial arbitrage where distance tailors in China can make something at a much lower cost than tailors in Europe - in much the same way that they can make anything there (scarves, ties etc) at much lower cost.

I do not think that the quality control on the finish of these goods is anything close to Savile Row, City tailors or even M&S.

I think that some of the workmanship really is quite cheap, the buttons are hideous and yes - most of the suits at these places are fused.

But this suit does fit me. Not perhaps in every single detail - and not without some further alteration. I am partly at fault for the measurements as I took them myself, alone. And, with a few alterations, it's ended up being pretty satisfactory for me.

I know you probably disagree - fair enough.

Roger v.d. Velde said...

I didn't go out of my way to be offensive. It does seem like an insult to imply that the suit doesn't fit, but you're right that I think it doesn't, in some important ways.

The last word is with the customer always and if you are happy, then that's fine.

I think you have a great sense of style and I'm not trying to put you down at all.

baron de friesland said...

winston the tweed suit, suits you, what tweed is that,ive also got a couple of the peg balden jackets,im not to keen on the scratchy type of tweeds,i know what you are wearing isnt prince of wales check,its to dark looking from the picture, all the best, baron john